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MedDream Report

Search, view, write and print medical reports

Report module is a medical notes writing package for PACS server. Report module can be used as standalone medical report system using PACS database. Medical reports can be accessed and read from MedDream DICOM Viewer.

Integrated DICOM
viewing and reporting

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Enhanced character
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MedDream Report module features


  • Reports of images can be generated by multiple modalities, e. g., CT, MR, DX, ECG, RF, MG, XA, OT, etc.
  • Templates system. Users can use their own report templates;
  • Medical reports are saved in the PACS server database;
  • Possibility to add study tags (patient name, patien id, study date, etc.) to the Report;
  • Medical reports can be printed with hospital information and hospital logotype;
  • Possibility to print a single report or with images;
  • Possibility to print the report with doctor`s signature;
  • Comfortable user interface;
  • Multi-language support.

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